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Some Old-Time Music Links


(This page last updated 7/16/2015)

Old time fiddle tunes in versions recorded specifically for learning (moderate speed, basic arrangements) are available from the MossyRoof web site.  These are great versions of old-time tunes, some of which we play.  The site also provides banjo tab.

The Carp Camp Carpilation is a great resource for tunes (standard notation).  Another source is abbamoses.com.

Slippery Hill hosts recordings that Clare Mulliner and Walt Koken transcribed for their Collection of American Fiddle Tunes, which is a fantastic resource.

Dave Reiner has posted a boatload of fine tunes at his FiddleHangout page.

For guitar chords for some old-time tunes, check out Keith's Chord Chart or Pegram Jam Chord Charts.

Dan Levenson has recorded simple versions of over a hundred old-time fiddle tunes, which are available for download from Mel Bay.

John LaMancusa's web page is a good source for old-time and other tunes (PDFs of standard music notation, and MIDI files) and additional links.