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(This page last updated 6/20/2024)

These are videos of mostly old-time music. Tune names are as indicated on the page where the video resides; tunes with multiple names or multiple spellings may appear here under several names.

You can search by tune name or musician.

Video and Audio Collections

Clyde Davenport recordings by Ray Alden, Volume 1
Clyde Davenport recordings by Ray Alden, Volume 2
Eddie Bond, Josh Ellis, Alice Gerard, Emily Mann at Berkeley OTMC
John Hartford concert, 1998
Mike Bryant, Paul Brown
Parlor Pickers
Rayna Gellert's Tune Videos   (Wish I Had My Time Again, "Coastal" Julianne Johnson, Sail Away Ladies, Ways of the World, Wagoner One-Step, Booth (aka Booth Shot Lincoln), Julianne Johnson, Ida Red, Half Past Four, Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (G), Ducks on the MillPond, Candy Girl, Happy Hollow, Big Footed Man in the Sandy Lot, Liza Jane, and others)
Tommy Jarrell

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