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(This page last updated 1/1/2022)

Do you have an interest in building a fiddle from a kit? Visit my Violin Kit Builders Facebook group!

Old time fiddle tunes in versions recorded specifically for learning (moderate speed, basic arrangements) are available from the MossyRoof web site. These are great versions of old-time tunes. The site also provides banjo tab.

The Carp Camp Carpilation is a great resource for tunes (standard notation) (Unfortunately, it is no longer online). Another source is

Slippery Hill hosts recordings that Clare Milliner and Walt Koken transcribed for their Collection of American Fiddle Tunes, which is a fantastic resource.

Dave Reiner has posted a boatload of fine tunes at his FiddleHangout page.

For guitar chords for some old-time tunes, check out Pegram Jam Chord Charts.

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