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Some Old-Time Music Links

Video Links

(This page last updated 8/25/2018)

These are links to videos that I like.  Mostly old-time music.  Mostly in alphabetical order. Tune names are mostly as indicated on the page where the video resides, so (different versions of) tunes with multiple names or multiple spellings may appear here under several names.

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Angelina Baker (Grey Eagles)
Arkansas Traveler (Charlie Walden, Steve Arkin)
Arkansas Traveler (Tommy Jarrell, Aly Bain)
Arkansas Traveler (Wayne Shrubsall, Bruce Thomson)
Arkansas Traveler & Angelina Baker (Glenn Godsey, Bill See, Mike Long)
Benton's Dream (Benton Flippen)
Benton's Dream (unknown fiddler, Ray Alden, Mike Resnick)
Benton's Dream (Tricia Spencer, Jack Magee)
Big Eyed Rabbit (Tommy Jarrell, Fred Cockerham)
Big Eyed Rabbit (Chicken Train)
Big Hoedown (David Bragger)
Big Hoedown (Mary Jane, Michele)
Big Scioty (Rachel Eddy and others)
Big Scioty (Bing Brothers)
Big Scioty (Ida Mae Specker, Faith Wood)
Bitter Creek (Bigfoot)
Blackest Crow (Red Tail Ring)
Black-Eyed Susie (Albemarle Ramblers)
Black Eyed Susie (Chicken Train)
Black Eyed Suzie (Bigfoot)
Black Eyed Suzie (Dan Gellert)
Black-Eyed Suzie (Mary Jane Epps, Michele Lanan)
Boatman (Stephanie Coleman, Adam Hurt, Susan Sterngold, Beth Hartness, Mike Resnick)
Bobtailed Mule (OXO Boys [Bill Whelan on banjo])
Bonaparte's Retreat (Mary Jane Epps, Michele Lanan)
Bonaparte's Retreat (Aly Bain and others)
Booth Shot Lincoln (Mike Stone)
Breaking Up Christmas (Benton Flippen)
Breakin' Up Christmas (Tom Collins)
Breaking Up Christmas (Tommy Jarrell, Chester McMillian, Frank Bodie, Ray Chatfield)
Breaking Up Christmas (Joe Newberry, Jim Collier)
Breaking Up Christmas (Back Step)
Brown's Dream (Uncle Earl)
Brushy Fork of John's Creek (Nervous Tick and the Bites)
Brushy Run (Jesse Milnes, Andy Fitzgibbon)
Buffalo Girls / Puncheon Floor (Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer)
Cabin Creek (Dan Gellert)
Calico (Canotes & others, Clifftop 2009)
Camp Meeting on the 4th of July (Bill See, Glenn Godsey, Mike Long)
Candy Girl (Riley Baugus, Debra Clifford, Rayna Gellert, June Drucker, Emily Schaad)
Candy Girl (Uncle Bunt Stephens)
Candy Girl, fiddling tips (Bruce Molsky)
Cat Came Back, The (Anna Roberts-Gevalt, Joe DeJarnette)
Chase the Squirrel (Bigfoot)
Chilly Winds (Ratchet Mountain Rock Farmers)
Chinese Breakdown (Elizabeth Fitch, Sharon Richards, Jeff Richards, Kevin Fitch)
Chinquapin Hunting (Rachel Eddy & others)
Cider (or Stillhouse)  (Kirk Sutphin, Jeremy Stephens, Kevin Fore)
Cider (Beth, Adam, Emily, Pete, Joe)
Cider Mill (Andy Cahan, Mark Simos)
Cindy (Melvin Wine)
Cindy (Rachel Eddy)
Cluck Old Hen (Brad Leftwich and Linda Higginbotham)
Coleman's March (Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer)
Cotton-Eyed Joe (Tommy Jarrell, Ray Chatfield, Chester McMillian, Frank Bodie)
Country Blues (Jim Pankey)
Cousin Sally Brown (Troublesome Creek String Band)
Creek's All Muddy and the Pond's All Dry, The (Mark Gilston, Howard Rains)
Crow Creek (Flatiron String Band)
Cumberland Gap (Gailanne and Roger)
Cumberland Gap (Tommy Jarrell)
Cumberland Gap (Notorius)
Dance All Night with a Bottle in Your Hand (Appalachian String Band)
Dance All Night (Rachel Eddy, Elizabeth Fitch, Kristian Herner, Kevin Fitch, Ashley Carder)
Ducks on the Millpond (Jerry Hagins, Janice Rogers, Elizabeth Pittman, Doc Hamilton)
Ducks on the Millpond (Katie Henderson)
Ducks on the Millpond (Mark Campbell, Barrow Wheary)
Ducks on the Millpond (Eddie Bond, Josh Ellis, Alice Gerard, Emily Mann)
Dull Chisel (Mary Jane Epps, Michele Lanan) (dots)
Fall On My Knees (Johannes Bonefaas, Hendrik Holst Anderson, Clark Buehling)
Fall On My Knees (Rachel Eddy)
Falls of Richmond (FrostyMorn)
Farewell Trion (James Bryan and others)
Farewell Trion (Tashina Clarridge, Jefferson Hamer)
Five Miles to Town (Reed Island Rounders)
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (Short Mountain String Band)
Four Cent Cotton (Lowe Stokes)
Frosty Morning (Truman and Adam Price)
Get Along Home Cindy (Clifftop)
Girl I Left Behind Me (modal) (Joe LaRose, Steve Downey)
Goin' Down to Cairo (Oxcart Ramblers)
Going Down to Georgia O (Melvin Wine)
Gray Cat On The Tennessee Farm (Canote Brothers)
Greasy Coat (Augusta 2008 Old Time Week)
Greasy Coat / Dink's Tune / Stay All Night (Flatbroke String Band)
Great Big Taters (Eck Robertson)
Great Big Taters (Mike Bryant, Joseph Decosimo)
Grub Springs & Forked Deer (Emily Schaad)
Grub Springs (Mary Jane Epps, Michele Lanan, Joseph Dejarnette )
Half Past Four (Clifftop)
Half Past Four (Rafe Stefanini, Bruce Molsky, Joe Newberry, Mike Compton)
Hanged Man's Reel (Kirk Sutphin & Friends)
Head of the Creek (Emily Schaad)
Hell Broke Loose in Georgia (Elizabeth Fitch, Rachel Eddy, Kristian Herner, Kevin Fitch, Ashley Carder)
Hey Aunt Katie There's a Bug on Me (Melvin Wine)
Hog-Eyed Man (Dan Gellert)
Humpback Mule (Grace Forrest, Steve Arkin)
Ice House (Gainsborough festival)
Ida Red (Tommy Jarrell)
Indian Ate the Woodchuck (Rachel Eddy, Elizabeth Fitch, Kristian Herner, Kevin Fitch, Ashley Carder)
Indian Corn (Bigfoot)
Indian on a Stump (Amy Alvey, Brad Leftwich, others)
I've Got a Bulldog (Steve Rosen, Rhys Jones)
I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground (Tommy Jarrell, Chester McMillian, Frank Bodie, Ray Chatfield)
Jenny Run Away in the Mud in the Night (New Hot Times)
Jimmy Sutton (Bruce Molsky, Grace Forrest)
John Brown's Dream (John Engle, John Herrmann, Susan Sterngold, Tom Mylet)
Julianne Johnson (Glenn Godsey, Mike Long)
Julianne Johnson (Bogghoppers)
Julie Ann Johnson (Mark Campbell)
June Apple (Tommy Jarrell)
June Apple (John Engle)
June Apple (Jim Collier and Joe Newberry)
June Apple (Grey Eagles)
June Apple (Kirk Sutphin, Riley Baugus)
Kansas City Rag (Bigfoot)
Kansas City Rag (Dan Gellert & Brad Leftwich)
Kitchen Girl (Katie Henderson)
Last Chance (FrostyMorn)
Last Chance (Donald Zepp)
Leather Britches (banjodulce)
Leather Britches (Ralph Blizard, Richie Stearns)
Let Me Fall (Tommy Jarrell, Chester MacMillan, Frank Bodie, Ray Chatfield)
Little Billy Wilson (Rattle on the Stovepipe)
Little Billy Wilson (Dan Levenson)
Little Liza Jane (Black and Tan String Band)
Lost Indian (Mark Campbell)
Martha Campbell (Paul David Smith, Dave Bing, Don Pedi, Anna Roberts-Gevalt)
Mineola Rag (East Texas Serenaders)
Mississippi Palisades (Chirps Smith)
Mississippi Palisades slow (Chirps Smith)
Mississippi Palisades (New Bad Habits)
Mississippi Sawyer (Truman and Adam Price)
Moneymusk (Erynn Marshall)
Moses Hoe the Corn (Clare Milliner & Walt Koken)
Moses Hoe the Corn (Lonesome Stragglers)
Nancy Rowland (Bigfoot)
Needle Case (Heat Box)
New Railroad (Jim Pankey)
Newt Payne's Tune (John Herrmann, Rhys Jones)
North Carolina Breakdown (Chance McCoy and Saddle Horn String Band)
North Carolina Breakdown (Orpheus Supertones)
Old Bunch of Keys (Chicken Train)
Old Bunch of Keys (Emily Schaad, Gabrielle Macrae)
Old Bunch of Keys (Tommy Jarrell)
Old Buzzard (Mike Bryant)
Old Jimmy Sutton (see Jimmy Sutton)
Old Mose (Rayna Gellert, Dan Gellert)
Old Mother Flanagan(Bill Wilkie, Cousin Buster, Nick Wardell)
Old Sledge (Dan Gellert)
Old Sledge (John Hartford, Mike Compton, Roy Huskey, Jr)
Old Time Billy in the Lowground (Canote Brothers)
Old Time Sally Ann (Tommy Jarrell)
Police (Alan Kaufman, Marc Horowitz, David Markowitz)
Polly Put The Kettle On (dfiddleb)
Poor Ellen Smith (Tommy Jarrell)
Poplar Bluff (Rhys Jones, Cleek Schrey, John Herrmann)
Possum on a Rail (Rhys Jones, Cleek Schrey, John Herrmann, Susie Goering)
Puncheon Floor (Susan Sterngold, Mike Resnick, Steve Kessler, Jane Rothfield, Dan Gardella)
Rachel (Glenn Godsey, Mike Long)
Rachel (Howie Meltzer, Russ Gores, Allegra Ziffle)
Rachel (Melvin Wine)
Rachel (Grace Forrest, Steve Arkin, Erica Weiss)
Ragtime Annie (Glenn Godsey, Mike Long)
Rattlesnake (Rayna Gellert, John Herrmann, Tom Sauber, Carl Jones)
Reubin's Train (Freight Hoppers)
Richmond (Bee Eaters with Bruce Molsky
Road To Malvern (Valerie Sauers and others),
Rockingham Cindy (Eddie Bond, Kirk Sutphin)
Rock the Cradle Joe (NYE Old Time String Band)
Roscoe (Annie Staninec, Luke Abbott)
Roscoe (Dana & Susan Robinson)
Roscoe (??? Clifftop 2014)
Ruben's Train (Albemarle Ramblers)
Rueben (Riley Baugus and Kirk Sutphin)
Run Down Boot (Chirps Smith and Dave Landreth)
Run Down Boot (Indian Creek Delta Boys)
Rye Straw (Brad Leftwich, Adam Hurt)
Rye Straw (Joke on the Puppy) (Bigfoot)
Rye Whiskey (Gene Goforth, John Hartford)
Sail Away Ladies (Rafe Stefanini, Clelia Stefanini)
Sally Ann (Anna Roberts-Gevalt, Betty Vornbrock, Joe DeJarnette, Liz Toffey, Cindy Cook)
Sally Ann (Steve Kaufman, Bruce Molsky)
Sally Anne (Tommy Jarrell, Ray Chatfield, Chester McMillian, Frank Bodie)
Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes (Susan Platz, David Bragger)
Sandy Boys (Jody Stecher, Chad Manning, Laurie Lewis)
Say Darlin' Say (Steve Rosen, Rhys Jones)
Shakin' Down the Acorns (Gandydancer)
Shakin' Down the Acorns (Pete Sutherland, Allison de Groot)
Shortnin' Bread (Chicken Train)
Shove That Pig's Foot A Little Farther in the Fire (Anna Lindblad, Nic Gareiss)
Shove That Pig's Foot A Little Further into the Fire (Bruce Molsky, Sharon Shannon, Jim Murray, Aly Bain, Phil Cunningham)
Shove The Pig's Foot A Little Farther in the Fire (Jay Ungar, Bruce Molsky, Molly Mason)
Smoke Behind the Clouds (Tennebama Ramblers)
Snake River Reel (Glenn and Russ Carson)
Soldier's Joy (Geoff Shannon, Karen Mueller, Debbie Sorensen-Boeh, Craig Evans, Terry Sullivan)
Squirrel Hunters (Stephanie Coleman, Adam Hurt, Mike Compton)
Stay All Night (New Hot Times)
Sugar Hill (Tommy Jarrell, Chester McMillian, Frank Bodie, Ray Chatfield)
Sugar Hill (Freight Hoppers)
Susan Anna (Tommy Jarrell, Aly Bain)
Susananah Gal (Benton Flippen, Smokey Valley Boys)
Susananna Gal (New Hot Times)
Sweet Marie (Howard Rains, Mark Gilston)
Tater Patch (Bailers)
Texas (Faux Renwah)
Texas Gales (Tom Sauber, Patrick Sauber, Tom Carter)
Texas John (Anna Roberts-Gevalt, Brent Feito, Jesse Wells)
Three Forks of Cheat (Brittany Haas)
Three Forks of Cheat (Catgut)
Three Forks of Cheat (David Bragger)
Three Forks of Cheat (Bruce Molsky)
Tippin' Back The Corn (Emily Schaad, Riley Baugus, and others)
Tippin' Back The Corn (Roger Netherton, Charlie Shaw, Brian Slattery, Rachel Eddy)
Trouble in Mind (Rosie Newton, Richie Stearns)
Trouble On My Mind (Tricia Spencer, Gilbert Sewell, Dean Barber)
Twin Sisters (Emily, Adam, Beth, Pete, Joe)
Valley Forge (Tricia Spencer, Gil Sewell)
Valley Forge (Tricia Spencer & others)
Walk Along John To Kansas (Bruce Molsky, Allison de Groot & John Reischman)
Walking In My Sleep (Paul Brown, Clifftop 2009)
Walking In My Sleep (Rachel Eddy, Kristian Herner)
Walkin' in the Parlor (Clawhammerinfool)
Winding Sheep (Rhys Jones, Cleek Schrey, John Herrmann)
Wolves a Howlin' (Rayna Gellert, John Herrmann)
Yellow Rose of Texas (Ramblers)
You Married My Daughter (Reed Martin, Lisa Ornstein)


Eddie Bond, Josh Ellis, Alice Gerard, Emily Mann at Berkeley OTMC
Parlor Pickers
Rayna Gellert's Tune Videos (Wish I Had My Time Again, "Coastal" Julianne Johnson, Sail Away Ladies, Ways of the World, Wagoner One-Step, Booth (aka Booth Shot Lincoln), Julianne Johnson, Ida Red, Half Past Four, Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (G), Ducks on the MillPond, Candy Girl, Happy Hollow, Big Footed Man in the Sandy Lot, Liza Jane,
Tommy Jarrell